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our gear

Our equipment is among the finest in the area. In fact, we have people come into Soap from all over the country and many of them say that this is the nicest place they have ever seen!



IPSO’s front load washer keeps water use to an ultra-low 14.8 gallons per cycle. The washer’s low water use also qualifies it as an ENERGY STAR® product.

large capacity

With an 18 lb to 90 lb capacity, our IPSO front load washers are ready to handle our customers’ largest loads efficiently, while delivering excellent wash quality.

simple controls

Starting the washers is simple. Customers need only select one of four cycle options and hit start. A cycle time countdown and LEDs keep them apprised of the cycle progress.

easy loading

A 180° door swing and a 188.6 sq. in. door opening are huge assets for customers who want to load and unload quickly.


At just 27 minutes, the cycle time of IPSO’s front load washer is faster than many competing models and helps our customers speed through the washing process.

much more

Visit our location today to find out why so many people have called Soap their weekly stop to make their laundry life so much easier!


high speed extract

A 1,000 RPM extract speed delivers 300 G-Force to remove more water from loads than a top load dryer. That means reduced drying times.

superior air-flow

Our stack dryers produce fast-drying results with their advanced airflow pattern.

large capacity

With dryers ranging in capacity from 30 lb to 75 lb, IPSO’s dryers are ready to handle our customers’ largest loads efficiently, enabling them to get in and out faster.

simple controls

IPSO’s user-friendly controls make it easy for customers to start the machine. LEDs display when the machine is on a drying or cooling cycle.

easy loading

Clients love the large door opening of 2.06 sq. ft., which makes loading and unloading a breeze.

card readers

Card readers on selected machines make it easier than ever to do laundry. Use a credit or debit card, or sign up for a FREE loyalty card and get a discount every time you use the card.


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